By Renée McCready

When asked about why I feel so strongly about a vegan or plant-based diet, these are my thoughts. The conventional paradigm of nutrition is purely focused on the components such as calories, vitamins, proteins and minerals, carbohydrates and fats.

The way I observe it is more from a shamanic “food as medicine” nutritional perspective, were we become more sovereign in our approach, is it about interfacing this physiochemical paradigm into an evolving ongoing non-static process which see nutrients as a dynamic force that intelligently interacts with us on physical, emotional mental and spiritual levels.

Understanding nutrition involves the study of the interaction of the dynamic forces of food and our total being. Consider that we are entering into an intimate relationship with the food and therefore with our environment and that means everything that it holds.

There’s a lot of energy available in life foods, and when we understand it from a deeper level, we can see that plants contain everything we need.
Foods have subtle nutrients, general nutrients, electrical energies, photon nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The electrical potential for our tissues and cells is a direct result of the liveliness of our cells, life foods enhances the electrical potential between the cells, they literally have cell renewal and regenerating capabilities.

I completely feel that a plant based living food vegan diet and lifestyle is the most potent for our physical emotional and spiritual health, for the planet and for the animals.

Renée McCready is a plant based chef, educator, yoga teacher and shamanic healer living in the Wombat State Forest but frequently checking in in the Northside.

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