By Jo Rittey


Mr Peel wants to make your life easier. Simplicity is key in this sunny little café on Peel Street. Basically, what you see is what you get. There’s a cabinet full of good-looking food with no scrimping on flavoursome ingredients; expect the likes of brekkie brioche, big bowls of salad, chicken curry roti wraps and chicken quesadillas. The sweet cabinet features slices, muffins and mini breakfast tarts.


If that’s not enough and your choice to be readable, there’s a selection of other bits and pieces painted on the concrete slab wall. For those who like to start the day the carbs way, choose between jaffles, toasties, melts and sandwiches or toast with Mr Peel jam.


Coffee is from Red Star, a smaller roastery from Port Melbourne; a darker roast with more chocolate, mocha tones. While Rick says he isn’t trying to compete with the other bigger and more fancy pants cafes in the area, what he is offering is to feed you well as you dash about the place to work or school or when you need a post-yoga or early morning bike ride/avoid the tacks on the Yarra Boulevard pick-me-up. They’re open from 6am


This is a place that exudes the essence of hospitality. In the time I was there, many of those who came in were greeted by name and their holidays asked after. This goes a long way in my books.


Up until now, Mr Peel has opened on Saturdays, but Saturday breakfast is an entirely different beast and Rick acknowledges that people tend to need eggs and smashed avo and so forth at the weekend and Mr Peel doesn’t do cooked breakfasts. He doesn’t have to. What he does is just great.


With take home meals coming soon to the chiller, Mr Peel has you covered all day.


41 Peel Street, Collingwood

Mon – Fri 6am – 4pm


Jo is a French teacher, a freelance writer and needs good coffee to start her day. Armed with an exotic New Zealand accent and a winning (hopefully) smile, she likes nothing better than roaming the streets of the northside in search of new and old food-related wonders.



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