by Jo Rittey


It’s Monday lunch and Kitty Burns is buzzing. The outside seating is full and over half the interior seating is taken. Not bad for a newbie.


Kitty Burns opened down by the river in Abbotsford a week ago but it feels as though it has been here for a while, so slick is the service, the offer and the popularity.


 If you think the drinks are creative, wait until you see the food.”


There are multiple coffee options from Allpress. Not only are there two blends, the Supremo Blend, with beans from Brazil, Colombia, and PNG and the Carmelo Blend from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra, with single origins on the way for espressos, there are also options for how you have your coffee. There are two baristas, one inside and one at the architectural coffee cart outside. You can have cold brew, iced coffee or an espresso tonic; espresso, tonic water and ice.




If coffee is not your up of tea, and…er…well tea is more your thing, you are in for a treat here. Storm in a Teacup have provided 8 specialty teas for your tea-drinking pleasure. You can have English breakfast, Earl Grey or Ancient Jasmine anywhere. Why not try Fukamushi sencha, Braveheart or, my ultimate name in a tea flavour and description, Dreamboat; ‘it’s a little bit sexy, pleasantly floral, not too sweet and it’s got a nice ginger lift. Dreamboat is the ship of wonder and relaxation.’ Wow.


But the drink choices don’t stop there. There are a myriad of smoothies, with boosters, no less, juices and, wait for it, elixirs. The elixirs have been created and fermented by Rosemary Walmsely at Raw-Satya to produce the highest nutritional value.


You know the chef is not just clocking in and clocking out, he’s coming up with the goods.”


If you think the drinks are creative, wait until you see the food. When the specials feature heirloom tomatoes, burrata, freeze-dried kalamata olives, basil, crisp sourdough, tomato tonic and a compressed rosewater watermelon salad with marinated feta, olive oil sponge, pistachio crumb, red vein sorrel and bulls blood leaf, you know the chef is not just clocking in and clocking out, he’s coming up with the goods. Keep reading the all day menu and you can see that classically trained Head chef, Aaron Duffy absolutely knows what he’s doing. Spiced togarashi avocado sits alongside banoffee coconut chia pudding; blueberry and lemon bircher; Kitty’s greens; smoked pea and garden mint panna cotta; hangar steak; and Mac ‘N cheese croquette, amongst other things. There are raw cakes and pastries in the cabinet.




The décor is all wood, pastel and greenery. Inside, there is an outside in feeling with the high ceilings and almost gazebo like servery. Outside, tables sit on a patio, surrounded by trees and just up the steps from the Yarra River and Capital City Trail.


And the name? Once you know, it all makes sense. Story has it that Lil’ Audrey, the Skipping Girl down the road, was modelled on 5 year old Kitty Minogue in 1915 when her brother sketched her in a winning competition entry for the vinegar company. Another claim is that the iconic neon light was inspired by Alma Burns whose skipping caught the eye of the vinegar factory manager who had been thinking of updating his logo. Either way, the name works and referencing local history is always a winner.



Kitty Burns
24 Acacia Place, Abbotsford
9427 0164
Mon – Fri 6.30am – 4.40pm
Sat – Sun 7.30am – 4.30pm


Jo is a French teacher, a freelance writer and needs good coffee to start her day. Armed with an exotic New Zealand accent and a winning (hopefully) smile, she likes nothing better than roaming the streets of the northside in search of new and old food-related wonders.


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