Fun ‘Come As You Noir’ event screening to launch Melbourne girl-powered independent feature Trench

A down-at-heel investigator, with a tough case to crack. A dame who won’t make it easy. A murderer’s row of likely suspects with murky motives, fast talk, deep shadows and a beautiful city shot in black and white. All with a handy quip and a glass of scotch. These are the elements of classic Film Noir we wanted to capture… and then turn on their head.

After selling out their world premiere screening at the Setting Sun Film Festival, Cinema Viscera’s Melbourne-made, girl-powered, micro-budget feature Trench will be screening at the Lido on the 17th of May.


Reclusive writer Becky Holt is being stalked in her own home. Struggling comedian Sam Slade is being evicted from hers. When Sam decides to play private detective for extra cash, these two oddballs are thrown together to crack Becky’s case… if they don’t get themselves killed first.

Staring Samantha Hill, Perri Cummings, Dave Lamb and Scott Major, and directed, shot and edited by Paul Anthony Nelson, Trench is a girl-powered, black-and-white comedy/film noir set in modern-day Melbourne – a collision between classic cinema and the messy, conflicted world we live in today. Driven by two female leads, Trench creates characters that are clever, messy, active, flawed, funny and troubled, just like most people we all know! The time feels right for a stylish comedy-thriller about awesome women pushing back at the forces that suppress them on an everyday basis.

Becky Stair copy

Local indie filmmaking collective Cinema Viscera, run by Paul Anthony Nelson and Perri Cummings, is dedicated to making defiantly different micro-budget genre films that have an emotional impact and a social conscience. They are not just working toward one project, but building a production company and creating a new model for producing and distributing their work, with the aim of building a new sustainable model for Australian independent filmmakers. Having partnered up with Bounty Films, they are making sure Trench has the chance to be seen by the widest possible audience, with event screenings in May/June before coming to VOD platforms and DVD in August, all while working on their second feature, a modern gothic horror currently titled Inheritance. Having won a place in Cultural Partnerships Australia’s MATCH Lab, which matches donations dollar-for-dollar, Paul and Perri are currently running a fundraising campaign through the Australian Cultural Fund for Inheritance’s post-production:

For the Trench screening at the Lido on the 17th of May, they are encouraging all devoted indie film lovers to don the trench and fedora and join them for a night of film noir fun – there will even be prizes for the best dressed!

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