By Jo Rittey and Patient Wolf Gin


Melbourne has enjoyed a renaissance in gin drinking over the last couple of years and Patient Wolf Gin got right on board with that. Founded by two mates in Brunswick, Matt Argus and Dave Irwin, Patient Wolf Gin is a handcrafted premium dry gin made from exotic and native botanicals and an innovative distilling process.


The name says it all really; launching something like a gin distillery requires time and patience. Matt and Dave’s journey has taken the best part of three years and culminated in the launch of their product six months ago.


Lana Turner is part of the Patient Wolf branding, as she was a big part of the gin scene through prohibition times. She is known to have said, ‘a gentleman is simply a patient wolf.’ This struck a chord with Matt and Dave when they were coming up with a brand, so it is fitting that they have shared with us the recipe for the Lana Turner cocktail.




1 bar spoon grapefruit marmalade to a wine glass

Splash of boiling water (to dissolve marmalade)

1x wedge of grapefruit

45ml Patient Wolf


Add ice, top with sparkling water and garnish with 2 sage leaves.




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