By Jo Rittey


The warmer weather might (fingers crossed) finally be here. So why don’t you give winter the cold shoulder and swim into summer with your local Masters Swimming club, Yarra Roughies?


Masters Swimming clubs are a fun and cost-effective way for Australians 18 and over to enjoy the personal benefits of a team sport. If you’re looking to swim for recreation, for competition, or to learn some new techniques then your local club the Yarra Roughies is ready to welcome you.


Swimming is the perfect low-impact activity for your whole body and is an excellent way to build confidence, muscle tone and strength, which means you will look good and feel great all through the warmer months. There are programs to suit all levels of swimming proficiency, which means you don’t need to be an ex-pro swimmer to enjoy everything our clubs have to offer. If you can swim 50m unassisted, you’re set. Our coaches are here to get you in shape, feeling good and ready to compete with other master swimming clubs.


At present the youngest swimmer is 22 and the oldest is 81.  The 81 year old John Cocks is the current World Record holder. If Dorothy Dickey enters as promised, she is 86.


The Yarra Roughies are celebrating spring by holding their inaugural ‘Roughies Races’ swim meet on the18th November 2017.  It’s past the date to register now, unfortunately, but you could still check it out and meet the members, ask any questions you might have and meet the community minded club members. Plus, it’s never too late to dive in and give it a go.


Head across to the website www.yarraroughies.com or to learn more about masters swimming and the inaugural Roughies Races at www.mastersswimming.org.au


See you at the Fitzroy Swimming Pool!


160 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy


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