By Jo Rittey


Superfluid. That one word pretty much sums up the zen-like state I would like to attain; friction-less flow. When stirred, a superfluid forms cellular vortices that continue to rotate indefinitely. I love it.


Superfluid is also an exciting new brand being rolled out this year . A series of organic juice bars and plant-based eateries within traditional pub environments, and eventually a high-end restaurant. The first Superfluid café opens today on the ground floor of the iconic Carlton Club in Bourke Street. This will be followed by a Superfluid café at the rear of The Gertrude Hotel in Fitzroy on November 13, and then will expand into a pub setting with the re-opening of The Gertrude Hotel in early 2018 with plant-based food, alcoholic and non alcoholic drink options.


Superfluid aims to change our concept that healthy and fun do not go together. Served in a cool and creative environment, these ‘functional’ juices and foods have medicinal and health properties, transcending anything currently available in Australia.


Let me tell you that my experience of the non alcoholic ‘pina colada’ based on algae was delicious and the beetroot with two kinds of whisky, ginger, ;lemon and lime played on the combination of earthy beetroot and smoky, peaty whisky and I definitely felt goodness taking over my body.


CEO and Superfluid founder Tracey Lester wanted to create a health brand that could co-exist within pubs and bars, which she believes are at the heart of Australia’s social culture. Superfluid will cater to the new generation of hospitality consumers who care about their health and value quality over quantity. Lester has built many thriving hospitality businesses from the ground up in the past 20 years, from Yelza and The Builders Arms in Fitzroy to The Carlton Club, The Windsor Castle and The Gertrude Hotel.


Superfluid was conceived by Lester and Consultant Chef, Tristan Newman  from Cutler and Co., Cumulus Inc. and Tetsuya’s. The juice line up will feature organic, cold-pressed juices to encourage mood elevation and increased energy, immunity, metabolism and have aphrodisiac qualities. Oh là là. The food offering showcases healthy, plant-based dishes, meticulously locally sourced and tested. Superfluid is organic, GMO-free, chemical and preservative-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low-fructose and refined sugar-free. With an emphasis on catering to various food allergies, the menu is gut-friendly for people dealing with SIBO, SIFO, FODMAP, coeliac and similar issues. The food is handcrafted in-house and will initially be ‘grab and go.’


Executive Chef Paolo Arlotta (Vue de Monde, Tipo 00, Amaru, Nora, Kinfolk) is a qualified yoga teacher who has most recently specialised in vegetarian pop-ups around Melbourne. He is thrilled to combine the knowledge from his yoga teacher training with his cooking, and believes good intentions and positive energy are important in creating nurturing, healthy food.



Carlton Club, Bourke Street, Melbourne





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