By Steven Ruffles


About a month ago I was looking at a very sexy girl walking down the street.  She had earplugs in her ears, connected to the mobile phone she was nursing. She walked onto the road and I ended up following her onto the road as well she seemed to be in a trance, like the phone was controlling her.  A bloke tooted his horn at her – maybe he had the same fatal attraction that I did.


I have heard of people walking in front of trains and cars listening to the music from their mobile phones and iPods.  The police are concerned about drivers using their mobile while driving. There are a lot of road accidents caused by the use of mobile phones, it won’t be long before insurance companies start putting the premiums up on people who use mobile phones while driving.


My sisters kids have an obsession with iPods.  Her husband and her have to turn off the WIFI to stop them from using them for hours on end and not doing their homework.  Kids need to play with other children and learn social skills that will help them later in life so that they don’t grow to be dead boring and useless.  We all need to moderate our use of such devices.  It is the same with computer use.  We all need to work out how long we sit by the computer or iPad or use the mobile each night.  Just think if you had a time-machine and could go back in time about 200 years how would the children of today survive.


noticed with my sisters kids they have changed a bit with their iPad use. They seem to stay up in their rooms and dont come down and say “Hello Uncle Steve.”


Modern technology has its advantages as well as its curses.  What would happen if the Queen of England or Katy Perry rolled up at your doorstep, how would you greet them? Roll out the red carpet? Or run to the bedroom and get the iPod or mobile phone? I noticed that my sisters kids they have changed a bit with their iPad use. They seem to stay up in their rooms and don’t come down and say “Hello Uncle Steve.”  My sister usually has to call them down and turn off the WiFi.


Something has to be done about this situation.  Some parents even have a mobile phone, iPad and computer locker. The kids have to lock up their high tech toys sometimes, for days on end.  It has a special lock that can’t be opened.  Even in some restaurants they don’t like mobile phones to be used while people are dining.  It is seen as being very rude.  One restaurant owner was on TV complaining about the culture of mobile phone use and saying he didn’t allow their use in his restaurant.


Learning to live with modern technology is a new thing.  Look there is nothing wrong with the great old fashioned days of borrowing a book from the library and reading it.  You can get tremendous satisfaction from reading a good novel.  I have read novels but always like engineering books because I am an electrical tradesman.  Kids need to play cricket, football, go fishing, dancing and play music.  NOT SITTING BY THE COMPUTER ALL DAY.  Does that compute?


We all need to watch where modern technology is taking us.”


Look, computers are a great tool for data storage but sitting by them all day is not a good idea.  I must confess though, sometimes I am guilty of this.  Video games are the biggest problem amongst children and adults.  They tend to draw you in with their 3d graphics, sound and other special effects like vibrating joysticks or game controllers.  They are very addictive you don’t have to socialize with anyone or face anything in life – sooner or later you become part of the machine.  Life is about much more than this.  Its about having social contact with people whether its at a disco or rock venue or any other social event.  Learning how to strike a spark of social conversation is a very important grace and should never be overlooked.  It’s no good sitting by video games, mobile phones and computers all day and becoming as dead as doornail.  I have a certificte in telecommunications and I understand about wifi, but for the life of me I can’t understand why you would want to put it into schools.  Children don’t need that.


All they need is to have contact with a good and caring teacher, go on social outings with the school and play sport.  They dont need some telco company or brain dead politician brainwashing the school into getting a WIFI setup.  I have got to admit that all their manuals and books could be on cd’s or dvd’s to make life easier and they could print them off to save the parents having to buy expensive school books.  It would be cheaper for poor parents. The school could make a PDF of all the kids school books and give the parents a copy of the data dvd so the parents could print it at home.  They can purchase 50 dvds for 18 Dollars at Officeworks.  Even my civil construction teacher said it would be a good idea if all the technical manuals were on disc.  It saves a lot of stuffing around and expense for poorer parents.


If you are a computer or electronics engineer you should think twice about advancing technology too much because we dont know what the future side affects are.”


But getting back to the main issue we all have to watch the use of modern technology.  Man’s greatest invention was the wheel in primitive times. But computer technology is a new toy for man to play with, but it could also be a very dangerous toy if applied to modern military weapons. We all need to watch where modern technology is taking us.  Even in industry robots are taking peoples’ jobs.  I know for a fact it is happening in America in very large companies. What we need in our industries is to only semi-automate.  In other words not have a robot that will do the whole job start to finish.  Remember people buy the products.  Once a machine replaces all the people there is nobody left to buy the products.


I noticed Ford and Holden years ago used to have their employees buying their cars.  If a car company was giving me and family a good living would I be silly enough to buy a different brand from overseas.  Back in those days people would always support the company or the product they were making.  They didn’t have robots, but they took pride in their work.  But getting back to the Technology debate, we have to be careful where it is taking our generation and future generations, or we might all be terminated or not have a job or career.  If you are a computer or electronics engineer you should think twice about advancing technology too much because we dont know what the future side affects are.  In the terminator movie Arnold Schwarzenegger made the scientist destroy the computer chip to try and stop the war between robots and humans.


We all have to fight this war against the machines for our children’s sake as well as our own.


As Arnie used to say in the Terminator movies – I’LL BE BACK.


Steven Ruffles is a Reservior local, and comes from the mechanical and electrical engineering industry. He is an avid beer brewer, guitar player, chef, and Rock’n’Roll enthusiast.

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