By Robert Frolla


Cirque du Soleil’s latest show, Kooza, may have left Victoria back in late March, but why wait another few more years for the next one? The northside has its own fresh circus talent just waiting to show you their spinning and somersaulting prowess.


Starting in mid-June, Prahran’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) will present Circosis: Left Brain, Right Brain – a two-part show performed by NICA’s recent Bachelor of Circus Arts graduates.


Directed by Kate Fryer, Circosis leaps into a world where obsession and perfection reigns, and how people are affected by it. Circosis is split into two rotations – ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ – that will highlight differing versions of these two themes. These two rotations promise to illustrate the poignant and the absurd in Circosis’ world.


There will be many standard and specialised forms of solo circus arts on display, such as trapeze, hoop diving, aerial ladders, tissu, rolla bolla, cloudswing, the Chinese pole and more.


Circosis’ performers will no doubt leave the audience in awe, as they will perform daring and unique feats. Elise Nicole Jaworowski will soar in her aerial rope ability; Jeff Young will play Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on the piano while juggling; Emily Gare will be trapped inside a bomb shelter with only a rotating ring; and Katie Martin will dazzle with her Chinese pole acrobatics.


Kate Fryer’s direction will also be a delight to witness. As well as being an acclaimed circus and physical theatre artist, Fryer is also an accomplished director. She has directed large-scale outdoor performances for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games and has worked with Circus Oz, Circa, The Malthouse, The Victorian Opera and The Australian Shakespeare Company. She has also been assistant director of Moomba since 2013.


NICA is an elite name in education and training in the contemporary circus arts. Beginning in 1999 in an unrenovated warehouse in the Docklands, NICA has gone on to become a unique arts institution. It is one of eight national arts training institutes and offers Australia’s only Bachelor of Circus Arts, as well as Certificates III and IV in Circus Arts, and several short courses and workshops for children and adults.


Many of NICA’s graduates go on to great things in the circus arts, so make sure you don’t miss out on seeing Circosis. You may just see a northsider Circosis performer star in the next Cirque du Soleil show.


Circosis: Left Brain, Right Brain
Thurs 15 – 24 June
7.30 – 10pm
NICA National Circus Centre
39 – 59 Green St, Prahran




Robert is a freelance editor for Busybird Publishing, and has edited for Writers Victoria’s The Victorian Writer and Phantasmagoria Magazine.

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