by Madelaine Marsolino


Plaza Deli, a hidden gem in Northcote, boasts years of Italian tradition. Meri, the soul behind Plaza Deli grew up in a small Italian village. This is where her appreciation for fine food began. Meri then immigrated to Australia and worked in a continental deli. Meri improved her English by reading cook books and, working on her cooking and language skills at the same time.


The deli was born after Meri worked in a number of supermarkets and delicatessens and saw a gap in superior customer service. Meri believes that “it is vital each customer is not treated as a number but rather a vital part of a respected business.” With a varied clientele, Plaza Deli adds to the richness of the Northcote community. The Northcote food scene is expanding and people with an interest in food are requesting on trend and high quality products. Meri says, “it is her mission to bring the best quality products to the clients.”


 The vision from the very beginning was to share and create memories around food.”


The Plaza Deli team is passionate about high quality customer service and beautiful produce and knows about every product in the store. The range of products available at the deli meets the needs of their clients with organic, vegan, free range, imported and local products; ranging from cheeses, cold meats and in-store homestyle cooked dishes.


Celebrating 11 years in January, Plaza Deli is the epitome of dedication. The vision from the very beginning was to share and create memories around food. Meri and her team continue to share their love of food every second of the day.


Plaza Deli

30 Separation Street


9486 6855


Madelaine is a Food Writer, based in Melbourne. Founder of food blog, Taking a Bite, and dedicated to sharing her passion for food with those who have an appreciation for food and high quality dining experiences.



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