By Joe Berridge


The five members of Orsome Welles were thrown together in early 2011 in a bid to meet the ensemble requirements for their Bachelor of Music degrees in Melbourne. Three years later, they are out to carve a new niche in the Australian music scene.


Thanks to the fusion of diverse performance backgrounds and a wide range of influences, each band member brings a unique twist to the musical experience. Their music defies any typical classification. Instead, it unconventionally merges progressive metal, hard rock and a distinctly Australian vibe overlaid with an early 20th Century style. In other words, their show will blow your mind. You could say Orsome Welles has created its own classification, that of a highly intelligent and hard-hitting band that is heavy with its beat yet buoyant on the soul.


Following appearances at Progfest Melbourne in 2013 and 2014, supporting Orphaned Land’s Australian tour and sharing the stage with leading Australian heavy and progressive bands including Voyager, Caligulas’ Horse, Barbarion, Alithia, the band is more determined than ever to hit the stage ahead of their anticipated debut. I had the opportunity to have a chat with Orsome Welles guitarist, Nick Toohey. Here is what he had to say:


Tell me about some of your goals for the future.

We are a really committed and ambitious band. Our goals for the future include releasing our first full-length album, touring Australia again, writing great music and continuously working towards putting on brilliant live shows that really entertain with music at the centre of it all.


There are quite a few beards, whose beard is whose?

Haha, there are quite a few beards now. We have James Vihtelic – bass and backing vocals, Michael Stowers on vocals, BV on guitar, Nick Toohey on guitar and Juddy on drums.


You could say Orsome Welles has created its own classification, that of a highly intelligent and hard-hitting band that is heavy with its beat yet buoyant on the soul.”


How do you guys write songs in the band?

We really don’t have a ‘procedure’ when it comes to writing. The beauty of being independent is that our music gets written when we write it. All of our songs have come to life in a different way but I guess you could say it will start with a single guitar riff most times then it snowballs and doesn’t seem to stop, we like adding bits even to songs that we started writing years ago.


What sound is the band aiming for?

I guess we are going for our own sound. We are definitely not trying to emulate or sound like the ‘what’s hot’ or ‘what’s big right now’ in terms of genres or other bands. We’re really just writing music that we like to make. Otherwise, we may as well be a cover band – I’ve heard that pays well….!


What is your opinion on love and loss?

There is an old saying, “It’s not me, it’s you”, which has always made me think. There is a song that we wrote which is inspired by this called It’s not me.


Who would you like to support?

There are a lot of amazing bands out there but I think I’d have to say Jan Terri or R.A.E.D. They might not be classified as bands but they sound like no-one else. They have really influenced our music and hopefully one day we will get to play with them.


Ok, so where can the Northsider music fans hear your music?

We have got a two track download available online at and it is called Home and Crash.


Orsome Welles’ EP launch will be held on December 18 at The Workers Club on Brunswick Street. Tickets are available at



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