The Sparkly bear

Written By: The Northside Girls


Last Sunday, we were sitting in a corner of one of the newly opened food stops in the refurbished Barkley Square.
For those of you not so acquainted with our side of town, Barkley square is the local mall for Brunswick and some Carlton/Coburg/Pascoe Vale/Parkville residents as well as the closest Kmart.
Having grown up in the area, I was first introduced to Barkley Square as my after school hangout. Encompassing all a student needed, Maccas and Red rooster walking distance from our study sessions in Brunswick library. And somewhere to buy a spare floppy disk or mouse when your computer accessories failed the day before an assignment was due (Kmart used to be open till 11pm there). And a place to keep up with fashion trends which at the time was Christopher Ari, and Westco.
Many pivotal moments in my own career and development happened at Barkley square. I met a potential guitarist for my second band that worked at Red Rooster there. I organised a fashion parade for a struggling Jay Jays with my youth group (they closed down a month later) and between hard core punk gigs in Little Gold St, me and my mates would go to Hot Potatoes to get cheap PVC punk wristbands.
It was also somewhere for babe spotting.  As any girl in the area knows, all the hot guys shop at Coles between 4-7pm on a Sunday. Oh to lock eyes with the dreadlocked poet as you both reached for the last pack of tofu cubes in the produce aisle. I had single a girlfriend come down from Gladstone Park on a weekly basis to do her “Shopping” there.
I remember the night we jumped for joy walking back slightly tipsy from the retreat when I saw the “JB HI FI Coming soon” sign. A similar reaction came from our whole friendship group upon seeing the” Schnitz coming soon” advertisement.
On our recent outing there, we sat at a Vietnamese street food eatery, for dessert got delicious frozen yoghurt from the new yoghurt bar and then tried on Napoleon Peridis make-up at the chemist (NAPOLEON make-up! How classy!). We now have fresh nuts, multiple deli’s, café’s and a Degani too! All that’s missing is a pub and we’ll never have to go anywhere else!


Barkley square just gets better and better, and we in the North have never had it so good.

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