Kate and Izzy have found themselves with a new Sunday afternoon pastime; Pub Trivia. There are great trivia nights and arvos all over Melbourne’s northern suburbs and the groups that play can be both eclectic and predictable. A society unto themselves, pub trivia enthusiasts seem to fall into one of several categories.


The Dark Horse
The Dark Horse, who could be either male or female, is usually a quieter, unassuming participant that no one immediately feels threatened by or even notices when doing the obligatory, post-game glance around the room to check out the competition. The Dark Horse may remain silent up until the first half of the game but will shine their light on the ‘triple points’ bonus question, instantaneously knowing the answer to the question, “What was the third line in the Siberian national anthem in 1986??

The man in his mid to late 50?s with the Def Leppard facial hair
Probably a regular at this pub in its past life as a bikie club (before the hipsters came in, polished the floorboards and started serving craft beers), he’s usually overlooked by the artsy uni types that dominate these events, but unlike the iPod generation who have a bit of knowledge in all fields, this man has a solid recollection of music from 60?s, 70?s and 80?s and has a serious chance of the main prize.

The-know-it-all John Safran lookalike
A part time DJ at a hip Fitzroy bar, this man has a whole room shelf-to-shelf of vinyl in the second bedroom-turned- music room of his shoebox inner city apartment. It’s a bit frustrating because he actually nearly does know it all, however some gaps in contemporary knowledge may be to his detriment and in times like those “’the Girlfriend’ may take the points of his question.

The Girlfriend
Usually the girlfriend of the ‘musician’ on the trivia table, she is the friendliest person you can interact with as a trivia first timer. Happy to explain the rules and make polite small talk between everyone, she really loves music…Top 40 (I mean is it even worth listening to if it didn’t chart?) She knows all the 90?s boy band members’ names, and the years in which releases came out. She will unexpectedly get the question that is needed for the winning team.

The Organiser
Usually quite bright in her general knowledge The Organiser never gets the answer to any of the questions. Instead of feeling out of place she takes comfort in the fact that at least she got everyone here and if it weren’t for her there’d be no team anyway. And hey, maybe one day she’ll know the answer to a question. She’s the one that doesn’t know any of the answers but is really good at getting the group there and a trustful guardian of last week’s prize drink vouchers.

The ‘Musicia’
Generally found with the smug look on his/her face. Problem is, they don’t actually know that much about musi’. They’re generally hung over from last night’s gig at some obscure Fitzroy club’s kitchen, where they played a dobro upside down while bemused onlookers checked if their PDAs matched their scarves. Basically he’s there for the potential for free beer and to make his more nerdy friends look hip.

The Backpacker
Knows Kraftwerk B-sides and other rare euro questions. He lives above the bar at the moment.

The Resident Alcoholic
Sits, bellows loudly, makes inappropriate remarks to all those within a five mile radius and generally gets every question wrong.


So….the question remains: how many of you would fit into these categories?

A. None

B. 1 or more

C. What are you talking about I’m my own category

D. I don’t do trivia.


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