Mr Brunswick does Brunswick Music Festival – Day 4


March 10th

I may be a writer for the Northsider and this is an occupation I am more than willing to volunteer for… that said, what the f*** am I going to do for money for the next week?

I had to be at the office at 9am, which meant I had to get up at 7 (in my house, if you want a shower, you’d better wake up earlier than everybody else). Groggy from the night before and the collective hangovers of the past week, I was persevering through the pressure between my ears to somehow acquire some sort of dollar signs but, before I could do anything about my financial situation, I had to meet with the editor and get some work done.

It dawned on me on the way in to work, ‘Centrelink… if Centrelink approve an advance payment… that’d be pretty sweet.’ My entire lunch-break was devoted to a phone-call, 45 minutes (40 of which, I was on hold) and I came out the otherside with an approval. Okay. Problem. I won’t see a dollar of that advance until the following day. So I was going to have to wing Tuesday night with the few measly dollars I had left.

All I wanted to see was Depedro’s set at the Spotted Mallard. But I have a commitment, I am to attend as many gigs as I can before he hops on stage. So I arrived at Machanics Institute at 7:30 and caught the opening act there, Fat Cousin Skinny. Fat Cousin Skinny are a duo that perform mostly covers of songs, mainly roots music, bringing their respective personalities to the forefront of their performance and making the audience feel like they’ve made two new friends. When they finished, I caught Pikelet, the opening act over at Howler. Melbourne’s Pikelet is billed as a ‘Psychedelic synth-pop outfit’, their lead, Evelyn Morris fronts the band as a lead should, staunch and confident.

A mate met me out the front of Howler and we shot straight over to the Mallard where the drinking really unravelled.

Between pints, we listened to Depedro as he brought the scent of Spain on stage with him. His music was made for dancing to but, as I’ve noticed over the past week or so, Brunswickians don’t like to dance. We’re a community that prides itself on cultural absorption and yet moving one’s body seems somewhat beneath us. At times, Depedro had to take it upon himself to instigate some sort of physically rhythmic response and his attempts were sometimes successful but, for the most part, people were content in sitting and seeing. The man’s a talent that occasionally gets overlooked. His gig was definitely one of the better ones.

Afterwards, my friend and I sat, drank and spoke. We did this for a while, probably a little too long. I probably should’ve gotten to bed. I was to attend two big gigs the following night, the Black Sorrows at Town Hall and Bombino at Howler.

R.P.G is a Brunswick local with a passion for cartoons, comedy and culture. His drinks of preference are Balieys and whichever cider is currently cheapest. In his downtime he watches Doctor Who with his mother. He likes salads. Don’t judge him.

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