Mr Brunswick does Brunswick Music Festival – Day 3



March 9th

Monday night was, relatively speaking, a quiet one. There was only one gig on and it was Trouble in the Kitchen at Brunswick Town Hall.

This four-piece traditional Irish folk act made for a pleasant evening. I drank a little. As I purchased my third beer, I noticed something… my wallet was getting light. I spent a lot of the night trying to work out how I had managed to spend so much money over the past week. Fortunately, Trouble in the Kitchen’s performance made for a welcome distraction. Listening to them had me constantly forgetting how cashless I was about to be.

Ado Barker, Trouble’s young man on fiddle and vocals, sings in an Australian accent which, when executed well (which he did), is f***ing awesome and, although Barker stood out to me, all members involved pulled there weight and entertained.

After their performance I was homeward bound. I had to wake up early the next morning and work out a way to get some cash flowing back in my direction.

R.P.G is a Brunswick local with a passion for cartoons, comedy and culture. His drinks of preference are Balieys and whichever cider is currently cheapest. In his downtime he watches Doctor Who with his mother. He likes salads. Don’t judge him.

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