My name is Tania Panayi .  I own a clothing boutique store called 5 Elements in Station Street, Fairfield.

Retail is a hard business. The business used to be in Collingwood, then we decided to set up in Fairfield. We have been in Fairfield for 3 years now.

My shop is more than just a clothing boutique.  I try to offer my customers personal styling.  I’m happy for them to bring in their own clothes so I can see how things match and fit.

My husband has just taken over an organic cafe store across the road called Harvest.  I love the community feel of Fairfield, the restaurants and the cafes.  We used to live in Brunswick which has a similar vibe.

We have just bought a dog, a cavoodle.  We haven’t picked him up yet as he’s still really small.  He is rusty in colour.  He is going to be the shop mascot.


Tania Panayi snap by Filomena Rizzo

Tania Panayi from Fairfield


Filomena is a professional photographer who contributes to the Northsider. Her work focuses on people and the stories their portraits can tell. To see more of her work please press this link.


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