My name is Linda Hauser, and I am from Watirna South.

My pet is a cat. A black cat with white spots, four white paws and a white mark on the chest. We have had him now for nearly 10 years or so and he is the boss in the house. If he wants something he knows how to get it. His name is Bubbles. Actually, his original name was Zerabbel.  My son-in-law said he had to be named Zerabbel and I said that’s too much of a mouthful for me so I called him Bubbles.

I don’t like driving anymore. I’m not a bad driver but I can’t handle the aggression on the road anymore. I either get someone else to drive me or I use public transport when I have to go any further than the local shops. Public transport has improved in one way. I can get a bus every 20 minutes roughly whereas before, if you missed one you had to wait one and a half hours for the next one.

Right now I’m half way through reading the whole Bible. I find that book most interesting. I have a reading plan that brings things together in a logical order and it gives an awful lot of insight into human nature and also into how society functions and why.


Linda Hauser snap by Christine Ansorge

Linda Hauser from Watirna South



Christine is a professional photographer with a keen interest in people, animal welfare and sports. For more on Christine’s work press here.

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