My name is John.   I live in Northcote.   I’ve just come back from dropping my kids off at school which is just around the corner. 

It’s book week at their school and so they were dressed up in their favourite characters.  My son was dressed from a character from Harry Potter & my daughter as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ.  We made the costumes from scratch.

I work from home as a web developer.  Companies get me to do websites for their business. I love the vibe of the area.  We are a 1 car family so I often have to catch public transport as my wife usually takes the car.

We have a pet dog, which we got from a local breeder.  He’s a Havanese, which is the National dog of Cuba.


John, web developer from Northcote



Filomena Rizzo is a professional photographer who contributes to the Northsider. Her work focuses on people and the stories their portraits can tell. To see more of her work please press this link.


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