I am Jannine Callaghan from Eltham.  I have lived here for 39 years.  Each day we come here for a coffee and sit at this table.  The regulars know we love this spot.

I am passionate about the welfare of asylum seekers and the treatment of refugees.  That takes up a lot of my reading time, mainly on the internet.  I got to the marches and rallies and one of my sons comes with me too.

The last book I read was heavy-duty reading, it was called “If This Was A Woman” and it was the story of the Ravensbrook concentration camp where only women were incarcerated.  That was quite a big read and very gruelling.  It was written by Sarah Helm.  It’s only fairly newly released, I think.  I read a light-headed easy book in between because it was very gruelling.




Liz Clarkson is an emerging photographer and contributor to the Northsider, including articles, On the Scene and Melbourne Snap. To see more of Liz’ work you can press here.

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