I am Beechy, from Footscray. My favourite food is Lasagne. I’d have that on death row, so long as my Mum was cooking it.

I don’t currently have any family residing in Melbourne, and nor do I have any pets, but if I was to have a pet, it would be a wombat.

I’ve come down to Edinburgh Gardens today to have a skate at the bowl with my mates. My main sport that I follow is actually skating. I’m a big fan of my mates’ skills, especially my favourite, Chris ‘Flags’ Matthews, who rides a BMX. I’m most concerned about this skate bowl in actual fact, and the upgrades that are being planned. I hope that the council do not destroy the original bowl that is here.



Beechy at the Fitzroy Skate Bowl in Edinburgh Gardens


Tony Proudfoot is an experienced professional photographer who regularly contributes to the Northsider. To see more of Tony’s work please press this link.


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