“In times when photographers aspire to classical forms and painters search for ever more abstract and progressive compositions; these two artistic disciplines have never produced such dichotomously-opposed work.”


With his first solo show – Light – Carlo explores the constant, yet hidden dialogue between Photography and Painting. This dialogue facilitates the exchange of philosophies, ideologies and techniques amongst many other facets of aesthetic and conceptual practice. Underpinning the series is the premise that these two parallel fields are both based on only one identical principle: Light.


Through re-creation, Carlo shifts the focus of those old masters from the religious and allegorical to the semiotic and pragmatic one. A pure reflection to our society today and a perfect juxtaposition of the two disciplines, it took Carlo over 3 years of work, from the initial idea to the execution and finishing details, to finalize the series Light.


Such details include different practices like Editing Technique and Aesthetic, Printing Method and Framing. The artist’s final decision on the editing process was to adopt a more like-for-like aesthetic with the original masterpiece depicted.


The choice to deprive the modern artwork of the Carlo’s personal style is a pure expression of his own self-reflection on the current photographic trend, where photography is more often used as a fine art medium of choice. As a direct consequence, the ability to attract and engage the viewer with the work likeness and resemblance from the original source of inspiration is considered pivotal for the final execution to be successful.


The printing process is considered the most important step by the artist; Carlo’s decision to use high quality pigment ink on cotton based fine art matte paper, was the most natural option in order to have a genuine representation of mineral stone pigments and brush strokes, the chiaroscuro technique and light rendering of the old masters we can all admire today in the most famous Museums all around the world. The Light series is printed by Dr Les Walkling of Melbourne, regarded as one of the best printmakers in the world.


Carlo Oggioni is an emerging photographer born in Milan in 1981 and he currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. His personal admiration for classical art, has led him to pursuit this recent photographic project with the same observing nature displayed in his earlier works and with a strong reference to renaissance and golden age paintings in homage to his cultural heritage. Carlo’s photography has been awarded multiple times and his recent work, including individual images from the Light series, enriched several private collections in Australia and abroad. Today Carlo is regularly engaged within the commercial photography industry although he still regards himself primarily as a social observer and a storyteller.


LIGHT: Old Masters in Modern Times

101 Collins Street Melbourne 3000 | 26 February – 16 March 2018 | Free Entry

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