Liam Snootle

Name: Liam Snootle

Location: Collingwood

In a sentence, explain your craft?  “A visual artist searching for cohesion between the left and right brain.”

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What’s your proudest piece of art?  A painting from a couple of years back, entitled ‘Late Fragment’, I see it as the perfect balance between colour and shape, many times the final product isn’t exactly as it was perceived but this one was.

Where does your creativity come from? Many years listening to loud rock music, I think they call it ‘Dad Rock’ now.

Is there a particular ode/maxim/principle that you reference when creating? I was once told to ‘just keeping making’, so that’s what I do.


What book has influenced you the most? I’m not much of a reader but I credit ‘Monster Children’ magazine as guiding me on the path that I like to follow.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who’d it be? Pollock, Lister, Kelly, Stella (in that order)

Do you have any strange practices to help you create – music, mood, superstitions? I need music in my life, especially while painting. Mostly American alternative stuff from 89 through to about 1998 although I have recently found myself delving into earlier things. I grew up in a ‘Jazz’ house and am recognising that has influenced me more than I’d realised.

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What would you change about the industry? This new concept of paying to enter competitions for bigwigs to look at your work, what a scam. That and street artists being commissioned to paint advertising murals for Hollywood blockbusters.

Does Collingwood help you be more artistic? Yes

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If you could exhibit your work anywhere in Melbourne, where would it be?  Anything with polished concrete floors and white walls has a strange appeal to me.

Tell us a bit about your latest project? I’m currently creating pieces for my next solo show which is to be held at Studio Gallery Melbourne, later this year.

Was there a particular inspiration behind it? It’s such a huge space that it is providing me the opportunity to work on some large-scale pieces which has always been a dream of mine.

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Where can we see your art? I’m on a few walls around town if you know where to look and I’m currently on show in a group show at Fortyfive downstairs

Instagram: @liamsnootle

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