By Sean O’Grady


One Of Us the third album from Cash Savage and The Last Drinks is destined to be one of the releases of the year. Through relentless touring Cash has built a loyal following that is beginning to spread further afield, and this new release will only enhance her reputation. One of Us showcases Cash as one of our premier storytellers, capturing the darker edges of human existence. The superb Last Drinks give the songs a dynamic urgency and timeless quality.


Speaking to the Northsider, Cash spoke of the 18 month process of writing and recording the new album.”I was writing for about 18 months, there were a couple of songs written a little earlier, but most of the songs were written in 2015.” Cash took some time during her European tour to work on ideas for the album before returning home and shaping the songs at Three Phase studios in Brunswick. “I would go in there once a week and lock myself a way, which I felt was the most productive way for me to work.”


The inspiration for the songs came from a tumultuous 2015, when two close friends died within seven months and Cash also got married. “I had some huge wins and some huge losses and out of that came a lot of the songs”.


Songwriters go through intense periods of writers block and Cash had a unique way of dealing with that frustration.  “I change instruments and that is just a change of guitar, the other is that I just make myself finish songs whether I like it or not and that just gets me into a rhythm.” The energetic Rat-A-Tat-Tat provided a breakthrough. “I was not just struggling with the writing but also with writing for the band. Once I had written Rat-A-Tat-Tat which was so different and boisterous it was a lot less restrictive and changed the parameters.”


One of Us has a dynamic urgency about it, in parts quite intricate pointing to a growing sense of confidence and development. As Cash explained, “The band is a better band, touring really makes or breaks a band and it’s made this band. It just gets better and better.” In shaping the songs Cash and the band tested some of the songs in a live setting, “We normally like to play the songs live, you get a much better vibe, you can work out if the changes are working.”


I asked Cash about how her writing process incorporates the band, she explained, “I get trapped into writing for the band and different things get me out of that trap, I start thinking is this a Last Drinks song. For example Run With The Dogs was written whilst overseas, when I took that to the band I took it to them as a country song but the drummer heard that straighter beat, I would never have written it like that. I can’t predict how they want to interpret it, and most times I let them go.”



Cash Save and The Last Drinks are launching One Of Us on August 13th at the Croxton band room in Thornbury. One Of Us is out now on Mistletone. 

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