By Jo Rittey


Hendrick’s, a most unusual gin infused with the curious yet marvellous essences of cucumber and rose, began its conquest to create and cultivate a world-first Australian cucumber earlier this year. Proving to be the perfect accompaniment to Hendrick’s iconic gin, these ‘Unusually Australian Cucumbers’ are hitting bars around Melbourne for Victorians to enjoy!


These unique cukes were nurtured by social media and grown in an environment composed of our sunburnt country’s most iconic ingredients, including Emu Poop, Yabby Shells and Simpson Desert Soil, until they reached their prime.


And now, the peculiar produce is currently being served at drinking hotspots around Melbourne’s CBD including Gin Palace, Garden State Hotel, 1806, Bar Ampere, and The Toff In Town. Supplies are sure to be consumed quickly though, so do make haste.


A free event to celebrate everything about the weird and wonderful world of Hendrick’s will also be taking place at Loop Rooftop on December 29, 2016. Gin cocktail specials and cucumber canapes will be served from 7pm, giving local cucumber connoisseurs and gin-lovers the opportunity to experience the harvest magic for themselves.


To follow the journey of the ‘Unusually Australian Cucumber’ and to be the first to hear about future Hendrick’s adventures, visit their Facebook page.

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