When I asked Josh, the bassist of Hello Tut Tut, to do an interview with me about the band in anticipation of their upcoming show at the Edinburgh Gardens Village Festival I thought it was going to consist of an email based Q and A. Instead, he suggested coming to where I was performing to do the interview in person so that very night we found ourselves sitting in a back corner of the Lomond hotel, beers in hand, the indie/folk of support band, GraceJean playing in the background, and here is what followed:


To sum up the band he said: ‘We are a world music dance band, that’s because we are playing music from around the world but trying to make it really dancey and fun to let loose to’.


The band starting playing together midway through last year. When asked how they formed, Josh told me that he had met the violinist and the clarinetist at the National Folk festival (in Canberra) and they bonded over a mutual love of Eastern European music then they moved down to Melbourne (from Newcastle). They started playing music together and one thing led to another and now there are 7 of them.


Hello Tut Tut have already travelled together extensively in their relatively short time together as a group. ‘We’ve toured the East Coast twice now and played and Falls festival in Byron and Bellingen Winter Festival and a whole bunch of markets along the way, about a month ago we got flown over to New Caledonia to play a little weekender showcase. We are all adventurers and explorers and highly inspirable people. The more we get out and do things together the more we collectively experience together and we reflect that in our sound and our directions,’ says Josh.


When asked about influences as a band Josh mentioned that there are a couple of bands that they really like, such as Besh o drom, who do a similar thing to Hello Tut Tut where they take traditional sounds from around Europe and compose dynamic and high-energy tunes that just make you want to get up and dance. That kind of high energy, feel-good vibe is what Hello Tut goes for and what gets them going.  “It’s kind of why we play it,” says Josh


They play ‘Northside’ very often and describe it as a very creative area. “We’re very lucky to have venues where you can play music and celebrate in arts and culture. For us, Northside is a no brainer because people are there for a reason, to be a part of that and to share in that so we find our music is very well received in the northern suburbs.”


They played at Edinburgh Gardens Village festival last year and Josh’s take was that it was like stepping off the streets of North Fitzroy into an alternative universe.  “It was really like stepping into a different place and different time where your imagination is walking around you, so much art, performance art and thought put into everything about it.” When asked about how their music was suited to the festival he said; ‘It’s got a lot of associations with gypsies, bohemians and eccentrics and our music is quite eccentric and playful and dynamic, hopefully it’ll unleash that in our audience as well’.


The Village festival was an inspiration for them to add an extra element to their show at this year’s performance because of its ‘quirky vibe’. They will be collaborating with Ira Luxuria, a burlesque dancer, for the show. ‘We are constantly up there dancing and playing and interacting with the audience who is also dancing and we see the collaboration between music and dance as being very important, they both work well together so for us to include someone who does dance as a profession makes sense. It’s an exciting project and we’re really looking forward to it’.


Hello Tut Tut perform on the main music stage of the Edinburgh Gardens Village Festival on Saturday October 28th at 9pm.


The Village Festival, Edinburgh Gardens

27 – 29 October, 2017

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