By Marty Gleason



My name is Alison and I’m nine years old. I’m in Grade 3 and my best friend is Sharon. She can run really fast – even faster than the boys. I went to her birthday party last week and slept over at her house. Her little brother always wants to play with us but he’s really annoying. It’s good that we’re not as stupid as him, but I think turning ten will be weird. I don’t want to.


My name is Moustafa, I’m 14. My Dad works a lot and he tells me I need to study more. I don’t like school very much but I guess it’s nice to see my mates and play soccer at lunch and stuff. Sometimes we make fun of the year 7’s because they’re like little kids, they’re dumb. The VCE students look like they spend all their time working and stressing. I don’t want to be in VCE.


I’m Andy, I’m in second year uni. Uni’s a bitch but when I finish I suppose I can travel a bit afterwards. My parents gave me their old car to drive around. I can’t remember how I did without a car, I don’t even remember what I was doing, I must have been pretty stupid back then. I have to watch it ‘cause I’m still on my Ps and the blood alcohol limit is still zero, one drink can cost me my licence. I can’t believe I’m almost 20. Jesus Christ, I’m not supposed to be so old.


I just saw a grey hair, I’m only 34. It’s too early for those things.”


I’m Rebecca. I just started my first job in finance. I don’t have so much free time anymore. Working taught me to grow up. I can’t believe that just a few years ago I was writing down book quotes and lame shit like that. I’m tempted to throw away the diary I wrote five years ago because I was so embarrassing and young. But I’m happy where I am now, maybe I’ll get a house later on but I don’t want to get any older, 25 seems so old to me.


I’m Matt. My work history is a bit patchy but in my twenties I had some good times. I went to Germany on exchange for a few months, I wanted to get to Cuba too but never did, I ran out of money. I used to fall in love a lot with some pretty wacky chicks, I can’t believe how stupid I was back then. I think I’m smarter now. I hope turning 30 doesn’t freak me out. (But I think it is.)


I’m Christina. I have two kids. They are a handful but cute too. I’m a freelance architect – well, more before kids than I am now, I was in a firm. I think my priorities were pretty self-centred back when I was younger. I think people in their twenties are still like children in a way, they think they’re grown up but emotionally, they’re not. I just saw a grey hair, I’m only 34. It’s too early for those things.


I’m Steve. I work a lot now, but that’s life. I don’t want to get older – 40 is like an old man. But I’m glad I’m not as stupid as I was five years ago.

And so on…




Marty Gleason is just some guy, you know? Through the Haze is an entreaty to reason our way through the fog of misinformation and terrible thinking in which we’re drowning. More from Marty at (ignore the stupid URL).


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