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As you are by now well aware, we are celebrating The Northsider’s first birthday! An achievement of which, our Northsider team is very proud.

The first year of any business is usually the most difficult and it is thanks to the local community, who have supported every stage of our development, that we can now say that we are here to stay. As a way of showing our support for our generous Northside community, we decided to run a competition aimed at other local businesses who are also celebrating their first birthday and who have worked so hard to reach this milestone.

We received some great entries from businesses across the Northside, and had a few other businesses recommended by their fans. It has been a tough choice, but we have tried to select a bit of a variety from the different industries.

And now for the final result, we are delighted to announce to our winner is…



rise up

Who are they?

Natalie Khoury launched Rise Up Coaching in May 2013 to support, motivate and empower young women navigate their way around the corporate world.

After working for 9 years in a high paced corporate environment, I decided to totally turn my life upside down and follow my dream.

About Natalie

Natalie’s inspiration for Rise Up Coaching came after reading “Callings, Findings and Following an Authentic Life” by Gregg Levoy while on a trip to Laos, which made her challenge her ideas of where she was, where she was going and where she wanted to be.

Nat Rise up

She realised that there was something missing in her life and felt compelled to do something about it. She recalls the sheer terror she felt at not knowing what this meant, saying: “On the outside I had a fantastic job, great car, expensive suits, a comfortable home, awesome boyfriend, wonderful friends and two beautiful dogs. On the outside I was happy, but in my heart I knew something had to change.”

Natalie took 12 months off work, rented out her house and sold her car, hoping that this would give her time to reflect on exactly what would fill the gap. Despite feeling more displaced than she ever had in her life, the break allowed her to focus on her dream of starting her own coaching practice and the ways in which she could turn this dream into a reality.

Using her skills as an EFT practitioner and a motivational speaker, she offers one on one coaching sessions that focus on personal and professional development, to help further people’s careers and create a better quality of life. Although her main clients are young women in the area, she also helps small business owners who need a sounding board to grow their business.

Natalie hopes her services will allow young women to perform at their best, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

“It is tougher than ever to be what society expects us to be, so my services and workshops are giving women a chance to stop, refocus and spend time on themselves for a change,” Natalie said.

Why we chose them?

When asked why she deserved to win, Natalie said: “The readers of the Northsider want to see businesses being supported that are unique, new and personal. Rise Up Coaching will touch the hearts of your readers. A local woman helping local women be the best version they can.”

Apart from being such a great business that helps to empower local women, almost all of her sessions are held at local coffee shops to support local businesses and bring the community together. Her last workshop ‘Release Your Dreams’ was held at a local yoga studio and was a chance for women to work on their future goals and visions, network and meet like-minded women.

Where are they?

Natalie runs her business, out of her home in Brunswick and has lived in the community for over 15 years. She says the result has been a dream in the making for the past three years. Website: http://riseupcoaching.com.au/time-to-rise-up/



3 halves

 Who are they?

3 Halves Design, the brainchild of Fitzroy born Irishman Ken Baird, is an exciting design company that combines unique creative experience with social enterprise.

Ken graduated from the Shillington College of Design and wanted to set up a design company based on ethical principles. He currently works out of the Nest Coworking space in Thornbury and since forming the company one year ago, he has worked with a range of clients, from skydiving companies to clinical nutritionists.

His most recent work was the complete rebuild of the ‘Lentils As Anything’ website, another business derived from the pay as you feel ethos.

Why we chose them?

The company allows clients to settle their first job on a ‘Pay What You Feel’ basis, meaning that the client can decide how much the services are worth, while actively participating in a business model that addresses issues of over-pricing and faceless business.

The best part is that half the payment goes directly to a registered charity; clients are welcome to nominate their own charity or go with the one chosen by the company, which alters every three months.

“3 Halves Design is an example of the northside entrepreneurial spirit. It is an interesting, unique company that helps others and has always been based in the north,” Ken says.

Great design plus an opportunity to contribute to your community? That sounds pretty good to us.

Where are they based?

The 3 Halves Design operates remotely but you can contact them via their website 3halvesdesign.com.




Who are they?

Arabella Strachan established Arabella India on returning home to Melbourne after 18 months working in London’s fashion industry. She studied lingerie construction and design at the Box Hill Institute and even worked for prestigious lingerie boutique Rigby and Peller, the appointed corsetiere to Queen Elizabeth II.

Arabella said: “(The label) came about after I spent a year in London working for two very different lingerie companies. One very conservative and traditional, the other erotic and overt in a fashion forward sort of way. I learnt a lot, and came back to Melbourne determined to start my own label which sits between these two extremes.”

It was during her employment at Rigby and Peller that she learnt the importance of a well fitting bra, knowledge that she now brings to her own label. She developed the Arabella India label in a bungalow out the back of her mum’s suburban home and has spent the past year working tirelessly to build up the brand name and reputation.

The entire Arabella India range is designed and made in Australia and uses organic and sustainable textiles wherever possible.

Why we chose them?

The Arabella India brand fuses comfort and style, incorporating luxury textiles, silk, leather, cotton and bamboo jersey to evoke images of lovers, dreamers and life’s earthly pleasures. Arabella’s design philosophy celebrates the art of finely crafted lingerie and each piece is created in a solar powered studio in Melbourne.

Arabella’s designs are made for every type of woman and she aims to always make women feel great in the garments they are wearing. She believes that all women should  wear gorgeous lingerie just for themselves; it is an added bonus if someone else gets to see it!

Where are they based?

Browse Arabella’s beautiful lingerie at http://www.arabellaindia.com.au




Who are they?

This business is good news if you drink tea or coffee. Assembly is a coffee and tea store, born in Melbourne with a unique twist. They not only offer up exceptional products sourced from all over the world, but they also offer a unique opportunity to learn a little more about your favourite beverage.

Husband and wife Chrissie Trabucoo and Ollie Mackay propose an alternative to the everyday takeaway fix. They encourage Melbourne coffee and tea drinkers to brew at home and provide all the guidance and products necessary to have your perfect personalised coffee or tea.

They do not roast coffee at Assembly. Nor will you find any gleaming espresso machines whirring furiously behind the counter; the work station is a simple convection stovetop that favours gentler methods such as pour over and Aeropress.

Why we chose them?

Apart from offering brews from local as well as international sources, they stand by a very strict ethical code regarding how they are produced and manufactured.

The couple took the time to do their research and sourced their coffees and teas come. They know the farm where it was grown and the people involved in the harvest. With the ethical trade brand in mind, buying their products means that you are supporting fair working conditions and quality.

Their selection criteria goes from paying a fair price to the grower to the grower being mindful of social, political and environmental practices.

For those who are not familiar with the brewing process Assembly offers courses, recipes and a whole lot of guidance for the community. And ir caters your drinking needs whether you are an espresso drinker or a filter drinker.

This business aims for something we admire, healthy profits for everyone involved in the production and community engagement. So, quality and guidance is exceptional while it maintains really high standards on the ethical trade wagon.

Where are they based?

Assembly is located in Carlton, 60-62 Pelham St and encourage people to visit their store for brewing tips, equipment and samples. Find all the information on their Website, http://assemblystore.com



Karma Police2

Who are they?

Karma Police is a social enterprise designed to promote giving in the community, by way of street campaigns and charity projects. They promote giving through to giving first in easy ways that will resonate with a relevant audience. With their message, ‘Jayingu’ which means giving back they work with people to help fundraise using a different approach.

Karma Police CEO, John Burgees started the Karma Police after a long journey of rediscovering his roots. “This persistence paid off however when we were finally reunited with the elders of the tribe my mother was from –The Gurindji,” Mr. Burgees says, and from this journey the Karma Police was born.

Mr Burgees is a marketer, who started off a PR and a political career only to head back to enterprise as the CEO.

Why we chose them?

An alternative to fundraising and charities is what got our attention. Mr Burgees story is about our Australian roots, a family’s journey and overrall a new approach to charity.

“Imagine receiving a free coffee, being able to show your gratitude and helping a boy in Africa with immunisation, a mother in South America a child in regional Australia or your nextdoor neighbour?”

Giving back to the community can be overwhelming with so many different causes to support but The Karma Police makes this process much easier for the everyday worker with a good heart.

“The idea behind Karma Police was to promote giving within the community through simple gestures of giving. Much of the traditional charity fundraising formula has been to ask first, Karma Police’s model is the opposite of this, where it believes the power of giving first breaks down resistance and offers a meaningful dialogue to begin.”

An example, is the ‘Coffee Run’ campaign. “This campaign was tested just before Christmas last year where our teams took to the streets with aid of Atomica Coffee, offering Fitzroy business people, free coffees to help kick start their day. When taking their order we left a calling card behind which had a web address and password on it.”

Where are they based?

Karma Police is celebrating over a year in operation and would love to receive any support, via www.karmapolice.com.au. Their Head Office is located in 33 St David St, Fitzroy.

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