By Jo Rittey


Two things I know. I love vegetarian food. And I want to live at the Green Man’s Arms. Both these epiphanies were the result of eating at newly opened Green Man’s Arms in Carlton.


Revamped from its previous Roving Marrow incarnation, the new space feels as though you are in someone’s living room. Someone very very cool. Kinda kitsch, eighties, retro chic is the collection of words I’m going to go with to describe the fitout. It is certainly inviting and the kind of place where you feel relaxed and immediately want to make your local. Or your home.


As for the food, the Green Man’s Arms have gone the way of vegan and vegetarian Israeli/Mediterranean ‘pub grub’. I’m not sure the term pub grub really does the deliciousness justice, but it is certainly straightforward reasonably priced good food.


Israeli chef, David Raziel has created a menu full of vibrant spices, bright flavours and varied textures. Both his house made falafel and hummus will make you rethink your idea of these specialties. The falafel is moist and flavoursome and the warm hummus is silky smooth. He makes his Yemini-style lahuh bread to order, and has eschewed packet couscous for his own house made version. Each dish that came to the table was full of beautiful colours and flavours and I really felt as though I was feasting.


It is easy to see that this is not owners Fred Whitlock and Alison Whyte’s first rodeo. In fact it is their fifth venue and, going on the success of their previous endeavours, Green Man’s Arms will do very well. Husband and wife duo, Fred and Alison clearly subscribe to the theory that busy people get things done. As well as running highly successful pubs, Alison is a well-known Australian actress with a prolific resume of television and film roles and Fred has also been an actor, is a VCE English teacher and was awarded the Bravery Medal in 2012 for his courage in rescuing people on Black Saturday. Alison and David also have three children. A-Mazing.


You need to try it. We can’t all live there, but we could work something out.

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Green Man’s Arms

418 Lygon Street, Carlton




Jo is a French teaching writer, has a PhD in Medieval French Literature and is caught up in the myth she can cram as much as possible into every day.


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