By Jo Rittey


Wile the French will be celebrating July 14 with fireworks, parades and long family lunches in the summer heat, you can channel your inner French person right here in the northside in a number of cosy ways.


Lune Croissanterie

119 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Remain true to the cause, bypass the pandan cronuts and passionfruit cruffins if you can and get into the croissant and pain au chocolat. Lune have buttery flakiness down to a fine art.



48 Smith Street, Collingwood

Nothing screams Frenchiness more than gooey cheese…well, perhaps there are other things, but if you haven’t tried Raclette, yet, that big ol’ wheel of melted cheese just waiting to be scraped off onto potatoes or bread, then head on down to Smithward on Friday. Plus they have the very wine you’ll need to go with the ooze.


La Niche

67 Smith Street

If you’re after an experience where you can close your eyes and imagine you’re in the Metro, La Niche will have an accordionist in the evening and their usual repertoire of French delights during the daytime.


Aux Batifolles

400 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North

The Crepes Suzette here is sure to elicit and oh là là or two, as will the moules frites and this is definitely the place for the best croque monsieur.


Bastille Day French Festival

If you can wait a day, the third annual Bastille Day Market will take place over the weekend at The Meat Market in North Melbourne (5 Blackwood Street). From 10am until 5pm you can eat, drink, attend conferences, go to the French market and be entertained.


Vive la révolution!



Jo is a French teacher, a freelance writer and loves cooking boeuf bourguignon. Armed with a PhD in Medieval French Literature, an exotic New Zealand accent and a winning (hopefully) smile, she likes nothing better than sharing a meal and good conversation with friends.

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