Last month, Yarra’s community legal centre, the Fitzroy Legal Service, moved to its new location at the Fitzroy Town Hall.


Fitzroy Legal Service has been serving the community since 1972, where it began its life in the basement level of Fitzroy Town Hall. When it was created, the vision was to provide a free legal service in a way that would support and empower the community, as well as being available to people from all walks of life.


For the past 25 years, Fitzroy Legal Service has been fulfilling this vision from its office on Johnston Street. Bringing things full circle, Fitzroy Legal Service has now returned to Fitzroy Town Hall—though this time, not on the basement level. The new office can be found on level 4 of Fitzroy Town Hall, which can be accessed via the courtyard at 126 Moor Street, Fitzroy.




Fitzroy Legal Service has a dedicated staff of nineteen and also relies on over 250 passionate volunteers to provide the best possible support to the community. As a community legal centre, Fitzroy Legal Service provides a broad range of services to clients, including a free legal advice drop-in service and specialist clinics, free and low-cost legal representation, access to a drug outreach lawyer and more.


As Fitzroy Legal Service has a strong belief in empowering the community, they also have a range of services and publications designed to be accessible to all people, including non-English speakers. This includes legal education and training for the community or organisations. Fitzroy Legal Service has also been publishing The Law Handbook since 1977, which is a practical, easy to understand guide to the laws that affect Victorians in their day to day life.


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