Chaos Theory

Written By: Troy Hodge


Complexities of existence

Complication breathing down our necks

Raining down implications

And drowning out

Our resolve and our reason

Way too many ideas and emotions flying at us

Like meteors, smashing our ideology and our logic, until we no

longer know How we really feel about this life and our role

here upon this planet

In chaos we trust

Forever bound by the forces that control the universe

Always to surrender to that which we cannot control

So unpredictable is this awesome and fierce power

So violent in its brutality and so destructive in its intent

It swirls in darkness like a black hole, swallowing and consuming all

that crosses its massive path

Unavoidable fusion of exploding atoms,

Swirling in a mass of unstoppable fury

The unending cycle of birth, death,

And once again rebirth

When you look at chaos, it is beautiful to watch as it unfolds

throughout our lifetime.

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