Perth four piece The Tommyhawks are set to release their compelling new single Bedroom whilst they are in the middle of their four girls one van tour which is set to hit Melbourne this weekend. The new single is a thoughtful observation on the challenging path from childhood into adulthood, it’s about finding safety and coming to terms with who we are.



Speaking to lead vocalist Addison Axe we spoke about the inspiration behind Bedroom and the songs on the forthcoming EP This Is Not A Desert Island.



“Getting to know yourself is such a life long journey and it’s that thing of finally coming to terms with the fact that you don’t necessarily know who you are or who you want to be, that is something that I have been coming to terms with, and it’s quite liberating. Bedroom was spurred on by my own experiences with anxiety and it made me look at how our mind works and to be more open to the parts of our mind that we don’t have control over. It’s supposed to be sad but there is an uplifting quality in that you will find yourself, you will be ok, it’s melancholy and uplifting.”



I asked Addison how difficult it was to draw on her own experiences when writing Bedroom and how she confronted that challenge.


“It’s quite a cathartic process, the writing itself is never a difficult process it’s more the sharing that I find hard. We write the songs together as a group but the lyrics come from me. When I write something that is very personal there is that feeling of vulnerability when you share it with the rest of the group, even though my band mates are my closest friends and we know everything about each other. Even in that safest of spaces it’s hard, from there you have the platform of releasing it which is easier because you’re not looking in the eye of the person that is listening, they will have their own interpretation and that is a safer environment than performing it live in front of someone.”


The Tommyhawks have a unique sound that draws on the legacy of great Australian bands like The Waifs, The Go-Betweens etc while also incorporating elements of punk and folk. When discussing the music influences on Bedroom I asked Addy about that local influence.


“Since I moved to Australia about five years ago I’ve been going through an intense Aussie music education and it was a case of people saying have you heard this band or that band so I’ve been listening to a lot of local bands and I’m glad that has found its way into our sound.”



The Tommyhawks are playing Meatstock on Saturday 22nd of April, they will also be performing a headlining show at the John Curtin band room on Sunday the 23rd of April, see the link below for details.

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