By Sean O’Grady


Liz Stringer, one of this country’s finest singer/songwriters is returning to Melbourne to host a unique residency this month at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood. The”Big Tuesday” String-A-Long will see Liz taking the opportunity to pick the brains of some of our finest local songwriters, to discover what inspires their art to reflect on the evolution of their careers. Liz will also be delving into each artists catalogue to bring to life the seminal creative moments in their respective careers.


The String-A-Long series will feature Dr Lou Bennett founding member of Tiddas and also a member of the Black Arm Band. The following Tuesday Liz will be in conversation with Deborah Conway, on the 20th of June Neil Murray one of the founding members of the Warumpi Band will join Liz on stage. Rounding out the month will be Mick Thomas former Weddings Parties and Anything front man.


The most obvious question to ask Liz when I spoke to her whilst she was on tour in Broome was where did the concept for this moth long residency originate from.


“I had a residency booked and I wanted to do something different, I thought it would be an interesting thing to do, just for me personally to be able to talk to these elders of mine about their career’s. I’ve found myself in a new phase of my career  and these artists have all been conducting 30 plus year careers so I wanted to pick their brains. I also thought it would be something that other musicians and fans would be interested in as well, it’s not often that you get that sought of access to artists that you respect.”


The four artists appearing with Liz have established formidable careers in this country, their work is a vital thread in the fabric of Australian music, I asked Liz what in particular drew her to these artists.


“They are all people who I have worked with and I worked with them quite early in my career on different projects, and they were the artists who I immediately thought of and miraculously they were all available and enthusiastic about the concept. They had helped me early on in my career and they are inspirational in the way they have worked their own careers.”


In regards to the craft of songwriting Liz spoke about how each of the artists has influenced her own journey as a songwriter.


“As writers they are all slightly different, Neil and Mick write about Australia such a visceral manner and I really respond to that. With Neil there is such a sense of place in his work, Deb has got an incredible body of songs, she is a very dexterous writer, Lou writes with this incredible soul and she infuses so much feeling into her songs which are really inspiring.”


Liz begins her residency at The Gasometer this Tuesday June 6th, see the link below for more details.

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