Andrew Wurster

Name: Andrew Wurster

Location: Essendon, Victoria

In a sentence explain your craft? Urban photography with a focus on capturing evolving neighbourhoods

What’s your proudest piece?


Where does your creativity come from? I’ve always created, made drawings and lego as a child, as I grew it evolved into painting, sculpture. I went to university and studied design. I did photography periodically to use as source material for paintings and eventually it became the end point after I went to Europe and Japan and came back with photos that were finished pieces, I exhibited and sold some and decided I was more interested in the photos instead of being in the painting studio.


Is there a particular ode/maxim/principle that you reference when creating? Less is more. Find fewer subjects and hopefully they speak more, same idea with composition.


What book has influenced you the most? Jeff Brouws – Approaching Nowhere.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who’d it be?: Christo

Do you have any strange practices to help you create – music, mood, superstitions? Always start editing to Nick Cave.. it goes from there (that’s fairly new one) Music is a major inspiration for me, from NCATBS to Autechre and really textural electronic music to JS Bach and Mozart or Marilyn Manson. Music is like air for me – if it’s authentic and creative I’m pretty keen. no pop trash.

What would you change about the industry? All photographers should print more… it’s not dying in many spheres but many people barely seem to know it’s even possible, it makes a massive difference seeing a body of work hung on a wall.. it gives you a much greater understanding of what you’ve done and how it works.


Does Collingwood help you be more artistic? I look everywhere for photos, I like the age of buildings the feelings of change and this area is changing as much as any, eventually I’ll focus on this area. I have lived in six or seven cities in three countries in my life and travelled to many more, I feel that photography works a bit like memory for me. I photograph to help me, and eventually, other people remember what things appeared to be at a certain time.
What am I striving for ? to be self-supporting creative. I have only really tried making money for the last six months or so, and so much of it craft and practice, I’m not in a massive hurry to make it happen, I just need to stay dedicated to my vision.

If you could exhibit your work anywhere in Melbourne, where would it be? I’d love to do projections on city buildings, also billboards along freeways and suburban roads in contrasting environments would be interesting. A piece in the NGV would be a wonderful thing also..


Tell us a bit about your latest project: My exhibition was on in June at Two Birds Brewery in Spotswood featuring un people landscape shots of Yarraville, Spotswood & Footscray. the evolution of these suburbs has been fascinating to watch over the years I’ve been photographing in Melbourne.

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