3 Anti Office Exercises

What constitutes an anti-office exercise? Let’s have a look at what position you take up in the office environment:

So very basically without delving too deep into the aetiology of why you would hold this posture any exercise you do that would assist in reversing the effects of a hard day in the office would need to stretch and strengthen these shortened and weakened muscles.

Crab reach – my personal favourite anti-office exercise.

This animal flow movement hits all the above deficiencies in one big bang exercise. You are also in a quadrapedal (4 limbs) ground based position, which the brain views as being relatively safe, therefore, allowing you to explore greater depth within the movement. Make sure you are trying to drive the ground away with the limbs that are on the floor. Try 3×5 reps on each side.


Ground to stand

This fantastic drill can be as simple or as complex as you like it. Great for core stabiliser strength and joint mobility it has the cross benefit of being fantastic for your digestion as it massages your digestive tract helping with peristalsis.

From a standing position walk your hands out from in front of your feet into a push up position. Then return, keep your core engaged and don’t let your hips sag. Press the ground away from you so as to stabilise at the shoulder joint.


The crawl pattern is one we have long since moved on from as adults. As we sit at our desks however we begin to lose function throughout the body as the brain repurposes those neural connections to areas of the body we actually use. Taking a step back into our infant development programming is a fantastic way to safely and effectively establish those lost patterns of movement. Try this one with something placed on the small of your back to force you to control the core and hips more evenly.


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